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This may be one of the most stressful parts of the experience. Its also the most crucial for an amazing shoot. Listed below is not only tips for your session, but a what to expect guide as well.



Before your shoot

First thing first. 


Now that we have that out of the way I'm here to help you have the very best session. I always tell me clients to think of the 3 words that would describe your album. When your flipping through its pages, and your marveling at yourself, what 3 adjectives come to mind? 

Go ahead and take a moment to think about this. 

You got those 3 words? Great!

I then tell me clients to think about their comfort levels. What are you ok showing off? What are you a little more unsure of?

These 2 questions allow me to give you my thoughts and advice on all things outfits and lingerie (Or lack thereof!) After chatting about my client for a bit, I then take to Pinterest (And urge my client to do the same) to create what I like to call a custom mood board. This is a personalized Pinterest board made just for you! On this board I pin things like hair styles, make up ideas, outfit choices, accessories, and more that I truly believe would fit your personality and your perfect shoot. I love Pinterest as it allows us to come together and work on a vision with each other. I mean someones definition of confident may be different from yours! 


A few tips for before your shoot:

  • If you choose to wax and you never have before, please get this done 5 - 7 days before! First time waxes sometimes get red and bumpy! 
  • Stay away from spray tans! Orange is not a look we prefer to capture!
  • Try on every outfit you plan to wear. Especially if its been a while since you wore it last, or if you bought it brand new.
  • Never be afraid to email me or message me. I am always here for you. Take caution calling me though, my kids LOVE screaming as soon as I answer the phone. 
  • Dont be afraid to buy online. Get a tape measure and get accurate measurements of your self to compare to the sizes. Always order far enough in advance in case it doesn't fit.
  • Remember your mirror at home doesn't do you any justice. Dont judge yourself based on what you see in it. 



The day of Your Shoot

Oh my god! The day is finally here!

Did you have nightmares like I did before all 3 of my boudoir session!? Remember nerves are totally normally. I know it may sound totally hard and definitely not doable but try to relax the day before, and go to bed early. You dont want to be tired during our session as I will be working you out with posing. Actually its a great idea to stretch before the session! 


Tips for the day of:

  • When packing for your session remember to over pack. Throw in a few extra things just in case! 
  • Dont forget those smaller pieces like your shoes or any accessories! If you forget dont worry, I offer both in my Boudie Closet.
  • Wash your hair the day before. Day old hair is the best for styling. However wash you face right before you leave. A fresh face is better for make up.
  • Bring something to drink or a snack. You may have forgetting to eat!
  • Consult your Pinterest mood board one last time before arriving. If you have any must have poses you want, make sure to tell me about them
  • Schedule a hot date for after the session. Trust me!




After your Shoot

Whew, the best is over right? 


Think again. Now you have to spend 2 weeks patiently waiting for the reveal of your images. This is probably my second favorite part (Photographing you is number 1, DUH!) I suggest taking this time to really focus on the products you want to get. You spent so much time and though about planning your session most clients forget all about products until after their shoot. This is the perfect time to think about what it is your wanting to take home from this session. Most of my clients fall head over heels for my amazing leather bound, flush mounted albums. Its your very on book all about you. 

I dont really have any tips for after your session, other then come ready to gasp "I cant believe thats really me"! 


Sessions begin at $300 for your session fee with products purchased separately. If you are ready to begin this experience please fill out this contact form and we will send over our in depth client experience planner filled with not only our full pricing, but detailing the entire premium service you receive. 

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